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Book Halal Online Business and AI (german)

This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights and practical guidance for Muslim entrepreneurs looking to build a Halal online business using the benefits of AI. You'll learn how to incorporate Islamic business ethics into your online business to build a trusted and respected brand.

Whether you are already an online entrepreneur or are just starting your Halal online business, this book is the key to your success. Use the power of AI to realize your vision and shape the future of your business.

Buch Social Media Content Plan

Buch Social Media Content Plan von Susann Uckan @ited by querschnitt

This book, “Social Media Content Plan – For the Success of Your Business” offers a clear guide to strengthen your online presence and spread your message effectively. I have reduced the whole thing to a compact size and content to the bare essentials - so no unimportant side stories and bloating content, so that the pure information directs your focus to the essentials.

From audience analysis to creating SMART goals to choosing the right platforms and continually optimizing your plan, you'll learn everything you need to know to increase your reach.

eBook Halal Online Business and KI - light version (german)

eBook Halal Online Business und KI von Susann Uckan @ited by querschnitt

This eBook is the light version of my book of the same name (which can be purchased on Amazon) and shows how Muslim entrepreneurs can build their Halal online business step by step and become even more efficient with the help of AI applications.

eBook Social Media Content Plan

eBook Social Media Content Plan von Susann Uckan @ited by querschnitt

This e-book is a short summary of my actual book (which is available to buy on Amazon) and gives you a deeper insight into the art of the “Social Media Content Plan” strategy.

With the right strategy you can give your actual business more reach and I'll show you how to do it.

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