Examples of videos on my YouTube channel @ited by querschnitt or on my customers' YouTube channels

Whether with Davinci Resolve or other tools in the area of video editing, artificial intelligence, channel optimization, etc. I create the Tutorials with the help of a screen recorder, voiceover and of course Davinci Resolve.

Also your teaching videos, web courses or explanatory videos I can implement it professionally for you

With HeyGen and HeyGen Labs you can do more than just Avatare but also the real speaker in other languages - so real that you believe he really knows Chinese, Spanish or Turkish.

So if you want to go international with your advertising video then that is no longer a problem.


Logo-Animation with Davinci Resolve. There are now AI applications that make the whole thing faster and more efficient.

But especially when you want it to be unique, good old-fashioned craftsmanship is exactly what you need.

I have already edited a lot of highlight videos for different content creators and YouTubers - including Issam Bayan.

Sometimes I have to cut 3 to 4 hour streams down to 30 to 60 minutes.To see the real highlights, you have to get an eye.

My job here is to leave the really important things in the video and cut out everything else - so that the end product still remains coherent.

Interviews or Vlogs with multiple audio tracks and cameras are now standard and easy to process with Davinci Resolve.

This customer – Anas Islam – always has interesting topics that are produced with a lot of commitment and effort. My job as a video editor is to package the valuable material into a video that leaves a lasting impression on viewers.


Shorts, TikToks or Reels Short videos and animation are the trend that every entrepreneur who wants to generate more reach for their business should use.

Whether with Canva, Create Studio or CapCut alle Videobearbeitungprogramme beherrsche ich und kann somit in kurzer Zeit viele Kurzvideos erstellen – und es macht Spaß mit diesen Programmen zu arbeiten.

Here I produced the short video for Bitcoin Experts in both English and German.


Instructive content in videos like Katharina Nahm in the form of weekly Educational Content can mean that her actual business as a launch mentor and she as an expert receive more attention.

Since she commissions me regularly every month, she even has a financial advantage with me.

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