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YouTube Marketing – YouTube SEO: Your Guide to Success

Hier beginnt eine spannende Reise durch die faszinierende Welt des YouTube Marketings und der Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO). Als leidenschaftlicher Content-Creatorin mit Erfahrung im Digital und Social Media Marketing teile ich in dieser Blogartikel-Serie all das gebündeltes Wissen und die neusten Erkenntnisse, um dir zu helfen, deinen YouTube-Kanal auf das nächste Level zu bringen. 

A wonderful sister who knows how to stand up for the Ummah. The quality of the videos are MashaAllah and you can see the work that goes into it. She also quickly understands how to cut the videos according to the topic.

Issam Bayan

I would like to thank my sister Susann from querschnitt for her quick and clean work. Communication was smooth and uncomplicated. I can definitely recommend her and look forward to the next project with her.

Anas Islam

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This is my avatar that I use in some videos. It is completely AI generated and represents me because I don't want to be in front of the camera myself.

To find out a little more about me, read:

In the world of creative video editing and visual storytelling, @ited by querschnitt is more than just a brand - it is the creative expression of me - Susann Uckan, a passionate video editor who, even as a child, viewed films differently than most did at their age.

Like an artist transforming his canvas into a masterpiece, I use my skills and unusual view of the world to transform thoughts, ideas and creative moments into impressive visual experiences...

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