Who actually is @ited by querschnitt?

In the world of creative video editing and visual storytelling, @ited by querschnitt is more than just a brand - it is the creative expression of me - Susann Uckan, a passionate video editor who, even as a child, viewed films differently than most did at their age. Like an artist transforming his canvas into a masterpiece, I use my skills and unusual view of the world to transform thoughts, ideas and creative moments into impressive visual experiences.

The story of @ited by querschnitt is a fascinating journey that began a few years ago when I taught myself video editing. It was more out of necessity, as the 2019 pandemic expanded the streaming landscape and visual content production, but there was a lack of skilled video editors - especially in the Muslim community. But @ited by querschnitt is much more than just a video editing brand - it's a symbol of creative evolution and constant learning.

It started with a desire to master the craft of video editing, but my discovery didn't end there. My thirst for knowledge and search for answers about how the YouTube algorithm works led me into topics such as SEO, keywords and marketing. So I immersed myself deeper and deeper into the world of online marketing.

This passion and dedication eventually led to a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing. With courses and webinars, I was able to earn certifications in the areas of content marketing, social media marketing and, in the future, email marketing. I now offer the knowledge I have acquired over time as a service to clients who value my support in the areas of SEO, keyword optimization and digital marketing. Of course, my absolute passion for video editing always remains in the foreground.

With over 10 years of experience in social media, writing books and blog articles, and a growing expertise in digital marketing, I am versatile and always eager to continue learning, helping and producing valuable content. I not only master the art of telling creativity and emotions through visual stories, but also the ability to optimize and market content in the digital space.

@ited by querschnitt is therefore a synonym for the path of continuous development, for the fusion of creative art and digital technology and for the tireless urge to share knowledge and help others realize their creative dreams.

Susann Uckan

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